Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Extreme Farming

I play a bit of Minecraft on occasion and am starting to feel a bit less clueless. Molly has been playing for years and started me off on modded Minecraft. I dabbled at this and that but didn't really contribute to our two person server. It ended up with her running around doing all the builds and I just mined a lot.

So we decided I should start a vanilla single player game which would force me to have to create what I wanted on my own. It quickly became clear I had no clue how to do anything. Motivation is a bit of an issue with such a sandbox game so my original goal was to build a large, decorative house. The need for resources led to wanting better equipment which led to wanting XP for enchanting.

Somewhere along the way I found a double spawner in some caves right next to the local village. The house project has been abandoned for the moment. Perhaps building it will be my end goal. At the moment I took over one of the villager huts and pretty much live in the village. For my first real build I made a kill area the spawners. It's stone brick which, I know, is Minecraft 101, but hey, at least it's not cobble right? I thought it looked pretty nifty when I was walking back to base.

I don't have many other pics from the game. Most of my screenshots folder looks like a toddler got a hold of my phone as I fumble for the F3 button. I use F3 a lot due to my amazing ability to get lost carrying over into the virtual world. I can get lost with a mini-map on my screen. I find I miss some of the mods and waypoints is definitely high on the list of wants. Here are a couple of lovely examples of my random wanderings.

A couple of my farmers have glitched into the ground and I just decided to leave them there. In my head, they're so dedicated that they've become one with the earth. literally. Today they were joined by a librarian selling a silk touch book. Since I haven't really set up a proper trading area or way to keep them safe, I'm leaving them there as it's probably safer than running about. I thought it looked fun with the kid and other browncoat standing there so I snapped a pic. It's like a family photo :)

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