Saturday, July 30, 2016

Life, the Universe, and...well maybe not that much

Is this a religious blog? Well I do have the obligatory Latin title. Is it a crafts blog? Just an excuse to post pictures of my cats?

It's going to be a combination which, in summation, I'll just call a personal blog, but not in that glitter infested mouse trail style of a 90's homepage or the online diary that was MySpace.  I decided to go this route since so many of my crafts are following a religious nature. I had difficulty in deciding do I present the crafts side or the religious side? I tried splitting it in Tumblr but that was too annoying and just resulted in me not blogging at all.

Things you can look forward to here include embroidery with and without religious themes, crochet of cinctures, and sewing chapel veils. My non-craft religious posts will mostly be concerning the Divine Office, and altar serving. My non-religious craft posts will mostly be inkle weaving, and occasional tablet weaving.

I will attempt to keep everything organized and well labeled, but generally how compartmentalizable is life? People who want to follow one aspect of what I share and not others should be able to sort it out more or less.

I have a general approach to the internet to give back as it has shared. A sort of paying it forward approach I guess. Much of my crafting I learned through web pages or YouTube videos. So I will share here what I've learned which might be redundant sometimes but the more sources out there the better I think. And sometimes I apply what I've learned in ways I do not see others doing. They might be out there but either I didn't find that resource or they did not post it. More resources can't hurt, right? I will provide links or references wherever possible.

Thanks for stopping by!

- because all posts seem to need a picture to be any good, here's an album cover-esque picture of my cats.
What are they looking at?  Who knows! anything but the camera or each other.

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